The Fight Back Club against Child Abuse
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It is time to 'Step Up and Step In..' the fight against Child Sexual Abuse. While is no button available to stop child abuse , there are some precautions we can take as a parent and as a community to fight against the possibility of our children being a victim. It begins with awareness. Educate yourself and your children regardless of age about Child Sexual Abuse. Know the Warning signs. 

As Parents we have to constantly make the hard decisions for the safety of our children.

Talking about sexual assualt to your children is extremely important from a very young age. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Teach your child about body parts.
  • Identify the private parts.
  • Teach them about the difference between "the good touch and the Bad touch".
  • Talk about any "Secret Conversations" that a child may have had with any adult.
  • Teach them not to keep any secrets from parents.
  • Reassure them that they will not get in trouble for speaking the truth.
  • Never neglect or ignore your child.
  • Never let them sleep with any other adult you are not sure about.
  • Ask them to never go out with someone alone.
  • Spend some time everyday with your child talking about their day.
  • Share your personal stories to create a safety awareness.
  • Share relevant media information with your teens.
  • Take self defence training along with your children.
  • Have a Medical done if you suspect child abuse as soon as possible.
  • Show them videos and inspiring stories of women who faught back.
  • Show them videos and inspiring stories of women who faught back